Laporta questions players moving to Saudi Arabia.

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Joan Laporta questions players moving to Saudi Arabia for money more than anything else. Barcelona president Joan Laporta has questioned the player’s ambitions heading to Saudi Arabia this summer. It was seen that such a decision was not supported by sports reasons. According to a disclosure with CNN on Wednesday. 

‘Luckily most players like FC Barcelona,’ said Laporta. ‘They like our club for the way we manage the club. For the type of players we have in the past and present.’

Laporta also made it clear that players moving to Saudi Arabia were only for the money. UFABET

‘And with all due respect When the player wants to go to Saudi Arabia. There was basically no athletic reason. Did you know there are other reasons that are important? and football must come first Sports reasons come first.’

‘I respect the decision of the Saudi government to bring together talented players’

‘Football is a team sport. Of course, talented players help us to promote this sport and make the fans happy. because talent is talent But the team is the first priority.’

‘My view is to get help from the original club. Especially European clubs’

‘There are big clubs in Europe. Including FC Barcelona who can help these teams in the Saudi Pro League. So that some associations can pass on our knowledge and help improve their teams.’

‘I think this is the way it should be done maybe with the football academy. But at the same time being directly connected with the association to improve the quality of these teams in terms of football.’ said Laporta.