Treatment of stress gastritis

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Treatment of stress gastritis

Stomach stress, how to treat it? In general, treatment for gastrointestinal distress is divided into treating ongoing pain and ทางเข้า ufabet preventing future gastrointestinal symptoms. In general, doctors may consider the following methods of treating symptoms of stomach strain.

  • Behavioral changes: Try to reduce or avoid stressful factors, such as managing stressful situations, practicing mindfulness, or using relaxation breathing techniques.
  • Adjust eating habits Reduce or avoid consuming foods or drinks that may stimulate stomach acid, such as spicy foods, coffee, alcohol, and high fats.
  • Use of medications such as antacids and stomach coating drugs 
  • Exercise regularly
  • stress management Doing relaxing activities such as listening to music, reading, practicing yoga, or exercising. To help reduce stress levels

How should I take care of myself if I’m stressed?

Stress in the stomach The solution or taking care of yourself is to avoid stress. Which is the main cause of stomach stress. Eat a light, easily digested flavor and eat 3 complete meals. Refrain from eating foods that stimulate stomach acid, such as tea, coffee, soft drinks, alcohol, and beverages containing caffeine. avoid smoking Practice relaxation techniques and manage stress appropriately.

Frequently asked questions about stress gastritis

1. Is stress dangerous for the stomach?

Gastric stress is not a serious disease that will cause death, but it is a chronic disease that creates difficulties in daily life. Abdominal pain may cause the patient to be unable to do various activities, or some people may be stressed and unable to eat. Stress on the stomach, weight loss, stress on the stomach, diarrhea, or stress to the point of nausea. If any of these symptoms are severe, you should immediately consult a doctor to diagnose them and other causes that may cause additional complications.

2. How many days does the stress in the stomach go away?

The length of time it takes to treat stress gastritis depends on several factors, including the severity of the symptoms, the correct treatment method, and the patient’s behavior. Treatment of stress gastritis involves changing the patient’s behavior, including eating habits, coping with and managing stress. 

Gastrointestinal distress symptoms may resolve within a few days or weeks after proper treatment. But in some cases it may take longer. You should consult your doctor further.

3. What medicine should I take if my stomach is stressed?

If you have symptoms of gastric stress, your doctor may consider giving you antacids to reduce gastric acid secretion. Or if there is a burning sensation in the stomach, the doctor may give medicine to coat the stomach. Dosage may vary. It depends on each individual’s symptoms. Always consult a pharmacist before using any medicine.