Hilo (Sicbo) history and the rules

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Hilo history and the rules. Hi-Lo (SicBo) is a type of betting. The word ‘Hi’ comes from the high score and the word lo comes from the low score, which the Sic Bo game is. It will be a way to play by shaking 3 dice. How many points will the dice that are shaken come out? There are different ways to bet. which it will depend on that online casino site. Also There will be a selection of different types of online Sic Bo bets. The materials for playing Sic Bo will only use a square table with points. According to the slots within the various tables and plates for the dice and a cap with opaque color so as not to be seen And finally, that’s 3 dice.

The counting of Hi-Lo points for low points is 3-10
points. Hi-Lo points counting for high points is 11-18 points
by the bettor. Can bet on High – Low as usual or as you like. The chance that you will win is 50%. The payout rate is 1 time of the bet amount. In the event that you bet on points, for example, you bet 1 2 3 4 5 6. According to the page. The payout rate is 1 dice correctly predicted = 3 times the amount you bet. For example, bet on 3 points and then dice out 3 points, 3 balls, get 9 times the amount of money bet itself.

History of Hi-Lo (SicBo)

Sic Bo originated from China, was initiated to play with a group of workers who have bricked. and engraved numbers on the bricks To be similar to a dice and then throw that brick on the ground and guess the number that you think will come out. What will come out If the guess is correct will receive rewards in that game back from a small group until becoming widespread from within the country to other neighboring countries. Including East Asia And also to Thailand as well at UFABET . Sic Bo games are very famous. And it is also very popular as well in these online gamblers