How to play roulette in sa gaming

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How to play roulette in sa gaming

1. Placing a favorite bet

First of all you click here UFABET to be our member first , How to play roulette in sa gaming. It is a direct bet. Numbers that you want to bet, such as wanting to bet on the numbers 1, 24, 30, 31, etc. after the roulette spinner spins the wheel to match any number bet. The bettor will be multiplied by 36 times It consider a game that has a very high multiplication number, up to 36 times.

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**means that If bet at 100 baht, it will be equal to 100 X 36 = 3,600 baht. Your favorite bet is more worthwhile**

2. Group Betting

If placed at any group set It is a set of numbers that you want to bet on.  It will get more multiplicative numbers. Which will describe in parts Because the number of multiplications is not the same in each group as follows:

1.Even or Odd bets 2.Red or black bets 3.Accumulation bets on numbers 1 – 8 4.Set bets on numbers 19 – 36 5.Horizontal line bets 1nd set , 2nd and 3nd 6. Vertical Combination Betting Set 1st 12 , 2nd 12 and 3rd 12.

Even Betting Odd

Double Betting   Is to choose to place from one place and bet that it will be an even number. As an example of placing a double bet

An odd bet is that no matter what number this spin is drawn, just be an odd number. You win this bet. The payout rate is 1 times. For example, bet 100 baht, you will get another 100 baht. Total capital is 200 baht Example of odd bets.

Even bets are similar to odd bets. As long as the number that comes out of the spin has an even number. The payout rate will also be on the same amount as

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